First Names Picked for New Ipswich CBD Development

The Ipswich City Council announced the names of the new sites taking shape at the Nicholas Street precinct development, following a survey in August.

After deliberations on 24 Sept. 2020, the Council endorsed the top names residents have chosen for the new library, new civic space, and a laneway.

Some 304 residents submitted their name suggestions whilst over 6,500 voted on their choices for the upcoming CBD.

The Ipswich Central Library is set to open soon as the building’s construction is in the process of completing this October.

“Ipswich Central Library is a very practical name for the new general library that aligns with naming conventions of other libraries across the city,” Ipswich Central Redevelopment Committee chairperson Deputy Mayor Marnie Doyle said.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Street

Tulmur Place will be the name of the new civic square, where entertainment and community events will take place.

“Tulmur means Ipswich in the universal Indigenous language and I very pleased this council has seen fit to recognise our city’s Indigenous heritage in selecting this name for the new civic plaza,” Ms Doyle said. 

The laneway will still retain its more commonly known name as Bottle Alley.

“While the laneway has been widely known as Bottle Alley for many years, it has in fact never been officially named. Today’s decision locks in the name.”

The new precinct will be generally known as Nicholas Street Precinct, covering Brisbane, Ellenborough, Bremer and Bell streets. 

“Retaining the Nicholas Street Precinct name makes sense because it is a well-known and long established name for the area. It has also been widely used in recent years in marketing and promotion for the precinct.”

Photo Credit: Nicholas Street

Five key spaces, including the children’s library and the new council administration building, will still need names once the new CBD’s development is completed. Many of the residents’ suggested recognised personalities like tennis superstar Ash Barty and bagpiper Joe McGee, as well as the region’s first peoples. 

Located 40 minutes outside of Brisbane CBD, Nicholas Street will become the trade centre for 215,000 residents. Apart from the library and the civic plaza, the site will also become a commercial, retail, lifestyle and dining precinct with the first shops opening by mid-2021. 

Ipswich to Springfield Transport Corridor Moves Forward

The major Ipswich to Springfield transport corridor project moves a step forward as Ipswich City Council prepares to make a submission to Infrastructure Australia in support its implementation. 

The project involves the use of a preserved 25-km public transport corridor to connect Springfield Central to Ipswich CBD via Ripley. 

Due to the increasing population in the areas where the transport corridor will pass through, this infrastructure project is now being considered as high-priority, according to Mayor Teresa Harding. 

“Ipswich is the fastest-growing region in Queensland, with a yearly rate of population increase of more than 4 per cent. That’s approximately 3 per cent above the state and national averages,” said Mayor Harding.

The mayor believes that the development will create more opportunities and connectivity to Ipswich, thereby ensuring that it becomes the most liveable and productive region in the entire state. 

“With approximately 70 per cent of the population growth in Ipswich occurring in the region between Ipswich and Springfield, this public transport corridor will help to ensure that the people of Ipswich keep our great lifestyles as the region grows.”

Next Step: Business Case Development

After six months of study, the council has come up with a final strategic assessment for the corridor. This is the primary stage in the Building Queensland business case development framework. 

Development of the transport corridor is expected to spur creation of economic hubs and improved services that will encourage business and employment opportunities in the area. 

The proposed direction for the business case is to focus on heavy rail, light rail, trackless trams, and rapid bus transport. 

The next step is for the council to work closely with the Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads to implement the upcoming stages of the business case. 

DA Approved For Six-Storey Tower In Ipswich CBD

Ipswich City Council has given the green light to transform a block on the corner of Limestone and Ellenborough streets into a multi-use six-storey commercial tower.

The 1,189 sqm development at 90 Limestone Street will feature a restaurant/bistro and small shop on the first floor and commercial offices in the remainder of the building. It will also have 42 car spaces over two levels, 29 of which are on the basement and the 13 others on the first floor.

90 Limestone Street (Photo Credit:

Whilst the approved development exceeds the three-storey height limit for the site, it is considered a ‘landmark’ site due to its location.

“The height of the proposal has been assessed, taking into consideration the nearby courthouse development (7 storeys), and the significant view corridors present through this location,” Baird & Hayes Surveyors and Town Planners noted in the report on behalf of The Ernst Pfister Superfund.

The application also mentioned that the prominent trees within the 88 Limestone Street property, on the Ellenborough Street alignment known to be white fig will not be impacted by the development. These trees are approximately 120 years old and play a significant role in the established character of Ipswich.

“The intention or objective for the Ipswich CBD area is for it to remain as the administrative and cultural centre for the Western Corridor of SEQ, as well as act as the main retail and commercial centre for Ipswich’s centre, western suburbs and surrounding rural areas,” Baird & Hayes noted.

Construction of the new building will commence after the demolition of the existing structure (currently an Autobarn retailer and Tattoo Studio).

Further information about this approved development can be viewed at MCU – 6645 / 2019.