Ipswich Everyday Hero Inspires Nominations for QBANK Awards

Everyday Heroes QBank Awards
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The unwavering spirit and dedication of Queensland’s frontline workers and volunteers will be recognised for a 10th year with nominations for the 2024 QBANK Everyday Heroes Awards now open, inspired by last year’s Ipswich winner.

Highlighting Ipswich’s Own Everyday Hero

Last year, Ipswich’s own Margaret Langdon was honoured as a finalist in the QBANK Everyday Heroes Awards, making her community proud. Margaret, a dedicated volunteer, and sewing enthusiast, was celebrated for her outstanding work in helping community service participants learn new skills in a safe and engaging environment.

Margaret runs the Brisbane North Community Corrections Quest for Quilts group, which repurposes Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) uniforms into high-quality quilts for those in need. Her initiative, Quest for Quilts, allows participants to perform community service while learning valuable sewing skills.

Margaret Langdon Everyday Heroes QBank
Photo Credit: Supplied

“I worked with a group of people who mostly had never seen a sewing machine and it soon became obvious to me that making clothing was a hard place to start,” Margaret explained. “I then conceived the idea of Quest for Quilts, which was perfect as new workers could start on simpler tasks and as they gained more confidence and experience, I would teach them new sewing skills.”

Margaret’s Impact on the Community

Margaret’s program provides a welcoming space for individuals from all backgrounds to come together, learn new skills, and support each other. “Not only does it let people complete their community service hours, it provides a safe place for people to gather, learn new skills, and feel a sense of pride and confidence knowing they are doing something worthwhile to give back to the community,” she said.

Margaret expressed joy in seeing participants gain confidence and new skills each week. “It has really surprised me the number of males, some of whom have done time in prison, who are thriving in the group and demonstrate amazing determination, learning all the skills involved to create the quilts and provide lots of fun banter to keep the group alive.”

2024 Nominations Now Open

Nominations for the 2024 QBANK Everyday Heroes Awards are now open and will be accepted until 31 August. 

QBANK Chief Executive Officer Byron Fuller highlighted the importance of these awards, saying, “For the last 10 years, we have put more than 54 frontline workers, dedicated volunteers and young people in the spotlight for going above and beyond the call of duty to support and uplift their communities.”

The awards recognise individuals and teams across Queensland in six categories: Achievement, Ownership, Dedication, Working Together, Excellence, and the Young Everyday Hero Award. Winners will be selected by a panel of highly respected judges and will receive $2000 deposited into a QBANK account and a further $2000 donated to a charity of their choice.

Mr Fuller encouraged Queenslanders to nominate deserving individuals or teams.

 “We are calling for more Queenslanders, from the top end to the south-east, to nominate individuals or teams across a range of sectors so we can say ‘thank you’ for their outstanding contributions,” he said.

Finalists will be announced in September, and winners will be recognised at the annual awards dinner at the W Hotel Brisbane on 11 October 2024.

Published 10-July-2024