From Online to Mainstream: Local Retailer Credits Ipswich Show for Rapid Growth

Ipswich Show
Photo credit: Luxery N Co/Facebook

Luxery N Co, an Ipswich-based retailer, has experienced exponential growth since joining the Ipswich Show, expanding its size threefold within a single year. 

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Founder Bianca Loose returned to this year’s show with exclusive drinkware and accessories adorned with trendy cartoons and patterns, captivating the attention of show attendees.

Ms Loose reflected on her humble beginnings in 2022, primarily operating her business online. However, her decision to participate in the Ipswich Show last year proved to be a pivotal moment, propelling her business into rapid expansion.

Photo credit: Luxery N Co/Facebook 

She stated that her business has undergone a remarkable transformation, from having around only 3000 followers on social media last year, to over 15,000, recently.

Photo credit: Luxery N Co/Facebook 

Despite the demanding nature of managing an online business, Ms Loose emphasised the importance of local events like the Ipswich Show in furthering her brand’s reach. She said that whilst it can be hectic managing the online aspect, being a part of the show has undoubtedly contributed to their success.

Photo credit: Luxery N Co/Facebook

The recently concluded Ipswich Show, which ran from 17-19 May 2024, showcased a diverse array of businesses and community groups, with 55 percent of the 149 sites occupied by local entities. With a three-day duration, the show presents an excellent opportunity for local businesses like Luxery N Co to connect with their community and expand their customer base.

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Luxery N Co’s remarkable journey serves as a testament to the power of community engagement and the impact of local events in fostering business growth. As the Ipswich Show continues to evolve and attract both vendors and attendees alike, it remains a cornerstone of economic vitality and community spirit in the region.

Published 3-June-2024