Goodna Street Life: Sustaining Community Support in Challenging Times

Goodna Street Life

Goodna Street Life, established in 2015, has emerged as a key organisation in the community by dedicating itself to providing housing and vital support to the homeless and vulnerable.

At the heart of Goodna Street Life’s mission are facilities like Helen’s Haven at 229 Brisbane Rd Goodna. This centre is not just a place of shelter but also a provider of essential services such as food, counselling, and support.

Additionally, The Haven offers the community affordable breakfast options, with every purchase contributing to the charity’s mission. Chef Kerryn, under Chef Steven’s guidance, ensures that each meal supports Goodna Streetlife’s wider community efforts.

Laurels Place, initiated in January 2022, has played a critical role in the community, especially during the 2022 floods, providing emergency accommodation to over 100 people. This initiative highlights Goodna Streetlife’s commitment to offering immediate help and protection during emergencies.

Addressing the Housing Crisis: A Significant Challenge

However, Queensland’s intensifying housing crisis has put Goodna Street Life at the forefront of a significant struggle. 

Despite their persistent efforts, the charity confronts substantial challenges in keeping their services operational amidst escalating costs, underscoring the critical need for community backing. Richard Glover, a housing support officer, along with his team, are deeply involved in aiding Ipswich’s marginalised residents. 

“I’ve asked my department to continue working with Goodna Street Life to assist them so they are stable, safe and compliant,” Housing Minister Meaghan Scanlon said. “Our frontline housing staff are on hand to assist residents if necessary.” 

Engaging the Community: Upcoming Events

Looking ahead, Goodna Street Life is organising the Helen’s Haven Community Market on 3 Dec 2023. This event promises to bring the community together with a variety of stalls, Mega Op Shop Sales, and extended breakfast hours, contributing to the charity’s fundraising activities.

The narrative of Goodna Street Life is one of relentless dedication and unwavering support for the needy. In these challenging times, the importance of community involvement and assistance becomes ever more evident. The residents of Goodna and surrounding areas are encouraged to support this vital charity, helping to ensure the continuity of these essential services.

Published 23-Nov-2023