Springfield Lakes Community Transforms Healthcare at Mater Private Hospital

Mater Private Hospital
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Mater Private Hospital Springfield is set to receive nearly $1 million worth of state-of-the-art medical equipment, thanks to donations from Mater supporters across Queensland.

This substantial contribution is poised to revolutionise patient care at the hospital, enhancing treatment precision and efficacy across various medical disciplines.

The upcoming additions include a sophisticated robotic surgery system designed specifically for knee replacements, alongside advanced imaging technologies tailored to elevate the accuracy of breast cancer and orthopaedic surgeries. These innovations promise not only to streamline procedures but also to significantly improve recovery times and patient outcomes.

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Scheduled for Wednesday, 26 June 2024, Mater Giving Day aims to rally further support from the community, leveraging matched donations to maximise impact. Mater Foundation underscores its commitment to funding essential healthcare advancements, with plans to recruit a specialist Breast Care Nurse as its next priority for Mater Private Hospital Springfield.

The General Manager of Mater Private Hospital Springfield highlighted the crucial impact of community-funded equipment in enhancing local healthcare. She pointed out that investing in cutting-edge medical technology is vital for delivering high-quality patient care. The new equipment will support life-saving interventions for breast cancer patients and provide transformative joint replacements, ultimately benefiting the overall health of the community.

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Among the new additions is the Velys orthopaedic robot, renowned for its infrared optical tracking system facilitating precise surgical cuts during knee replacements. Additionally, the C-Arm scanner will provide orthopaedic surgeons with real-time, high-resolution images during procedures, while the Faxitron radiography system enhances breast cancer surgery outcomes by delivering detailed intraoperative x-rays.

Mater, Queensland’s largest not-for-profit healthcare provider, manages an extensive network of hospitals and is currently spearheading the construction of Mater Public Hospital Springfield in collaboration with the Queensland Government. 

This initiative, slated to open in 2026, will bolster local healthcare infrastructure with 174 beds, an emergency department, an intensive care unit, and maternity services.

The CEO of Mater Foundation praised the community’s instrumental role in driving healthcare advancements. He noted that Mater Giving Day exemplifies the collective effort to support life-saving medical innovations. This year’s triple matching pledge highlights the profound impact of community donations, moving closer to the goal of providing dedicated support for cancer patients in Ipswich and Springfield.

Donations for Mater Giving Day can be made online at www.mater.org.au/givingday until 26 June, offering individuals an opportunity to contribute directly to vital healthcare initiatives that benefit the entire community.

Published Date 21-June-2024