Springfield Nurse Lisa Warburton Celebrates 15 Years of Compassionate Care

Mater Private Hospital Springfield Medical Rehabilitation Nurse Unit Manager Lisa Warburton.
Photo Credit: Josh Woning/Supplied

Springfield nurse Lisa Warburton, the Medical Rehabilitation Nurse Unit Manager at Mater Private Hospital Springfield, has been honoured for 15 years of exceptional service, embodying the compassionate values that define the Mater’s mission.

Ms Warburton’s journey with Mater began at the Brisbane facility, where she forged a reputation for her steadfast commitment to her patients and esteemed nursing team. Her recent transition to Mater Private Hospital Springfield, which opened in 2015, has allowed her to continue her hands-on approach while managing a large and supportive team.

Unwavering Commitment to Patient Care

“The work culture at Mater has really kept me here,” the Springfield nurse expressed. “I have an amazing nursing team, and we are all supportive of each other. Mater’s values and missions really resonate with me – compassionate care is vital for our patients.”

Mater Private Hospital Springfield plays a pivotal role in the region’s healthcare ecosystem, welcoming patients from various local facilities who require rehabilitation or specialized care before returning home. Ms Warburton’s expertise extends to treating infections, administering intravenous antibiotics, and guiding patients through rehabilitation, ensuring their comfort and well-being remain the top priority.

Mater Private Hospital Springfield Medical Rehabilitation Nurse Unit Manager Lisa Warburton with her adored team. Photo Josh Woning
Photo Credit: Josh Woning/Supplied

Recognizing a Decade of Community Service

Alongside Ms Warburton’s milestone, Camira resident Jocelyn Ball, the Mater Hospital Springfield Stage 2 Project Coordinator, was also honoured for her decade-long contribution to the growth of local healthcare services in Springfield.

“Greater Springfield is a wonderful community – it’s where I live, where I work, where my kids go to school and play for local sporting clubs,” Ms Ball shared. “It’s really special knowing that as this community grows, I’m part of a team that is working hard to grow the future healthcare services and ensure the needs of the community will be met.”

Mater Hospital Springfield Stage 2 Project Coordinator Jocelyn Ball. Josh Woning
Photo Credit: Josh Woning/Supplied

Ms Warburton and Ms Ball were among eight Mater Private Hospital Springfield staff members celebrated at the Long Service Award event held at The Princess Theatre in Woolloongabba on Tuesday, May 28th, recognizing their exceptional contributions to the health and well-being of the Springfield Lakes community.

Landmark Partnership

The Mater Hospital Springfield Stage 2 project, a landmark partnership between Mater and the State Government, represents a significant expansion of the existing private hospital, poised to deliver an additional 174 overnight beds for the Greater Springfield region. For the first time, local families will soon have access to an Emergency Department, an Intensive Care Unit, and maternity and birthing services, ensuring comprehensive healthcare within their community.

Published 29-May-2024