Free Drop-Off for Hazardous Chemicals Opens For One Day Only in Riverview

Photo Credit: PXFuel

Do you have leftover paint and household or garden chemicals stashed at home? If you haven’t gotten around to disposing of these hazardous items, make time for the annual drop-off day that’s coming up in Riverview!

The Ipswich City Council will open the Riverview Recycling and Refuse Centre on Sunday, 26 Sept 2021, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., to collect garage, garden, kitchen, and bathroom chemicals from residents.

This service will not cost anything and every household will be allowed to drop off 0 kilograms of hazardous waste and 100 litres of paint.

“We are encouraging residents to spend some time this weekend going through your bathroom, kitchen, garage or under the house and find any household hazardous waste such as pool chemicals, cleaning products, batteries, tyres, electronic waste and unwanted medicines,” Mayor Teresa Harding said.

Photo Credit: Ipswich City Council

“Often these items are not suitable to be disposed of in the wheelie bin because they are flammable, corrosive, explosive or toxic to humans, plants or animals.

“We hold the hazardous chemicals drop-off day every year for this reason – to give residents the opportunity to dispose of waste safely.” 

Prior to the drop-off, residents are expected to wrap the containers separately in newspapers and plastic bags, and securely set these items in trays or buckets during the transport. For a minimal fee, they may also drop off any waste items that are not particularly hazardous.

Those coming to Riverview will be asked to present proof of residency in Ipswich.