Springfield Greenbank Arterial Project: Major Road Duplication to Prioritise Stage 3

Springfield Greenbank Arterial

Key roads in the Springfield region will undergo major upgrades in 2021 under the Springfield Greenbank Arterial (SGA) Duplication project. Work will start with Stage 3, which covers Eden Station Drive to Sinnathamby Boulevard.

According to MP Charis Mullen, the Ipswich City Council decided to change the SGA sequencing to start with Stage 3 “given the other major projects in the area.”

“This was in a letter sent to residents recently,” Ms Mullen said.

Stage 3’s key features include the following: 

  • Road widening to four lanes
  • Springfield Greenbank Arterial/Main Street/Centenary Highway roundabout upgraded with signalised intersection
  • New entrance/exit at the Springfield Central Railway Station carpark
  • Construction of road cycle lanes for cyclists and pedestrians

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) plans to erect a multi-storey carpark at the Main Street intersection before the roadwork begins.

Photo Credit: Ipswich City Council

This Springfield Greenbank Arterial project is necessary to meet the travel demands that will come with city’s rapid growth. 

“The overall project includes 3.9 km of road duplication and shared path upgrades. The project is set to be the largest single road project in the Council’s history,” the fact sheet stated. “With such a large capital cost to the Council, if delivered in a single year, the project would consume over half of the typical capital works budget. By spreading the costs across a number of stages, the project can be delivered over multiple years, and allows for Council to continue to deliver its usual portfolio of new roads, road rehabilitation, open space, drainage and facilities project.” 

The timing of construction will still be determined but it is approximated to take 12 months to complete. 

For questions about the Springfield Greenbank Arterial project, phone 07 3810 6666 or email IED.Projects@ipswich.qld.gov.au.