Severe Storm Causes Havoc in Springfield Lakes

Severe Storm Causes Havoc in Springfield Lakes

A severe storm unleashed widespread damage in Springfield Lakes and nearby suburbs one week before Christmas.

Tragically, a 30-year-old man lost his life during the storm, found unconscious near fallen power lines on Murarrie Road. Despite efforts to save him, his injuries proved fatal.

Residents were alerted by the Bureau of Meteorology on Friday, December 15, 2023 about the impending severe thunderstorm, warning of destructive winds, large hailstones, and heavy rainfall that could cause flash flooding.

Photo Credit: Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

The storm’s intensity was staggering, with winds reaching speeds of up to 169 km/h.

It rampaged through Brisbane’s CBD, Brisbane Airport, Ormiston, Moreton Bay, and Mud Island before striking Springfield Lakes. Hail suddenly blanketed the yards of Springfield Lakes residents.

Furniture became airborne, trees toppled, and in Brookwater, a tree narrowly missed houses and people but destroyed a car.

The aftermath was starkly visible, leaving a trail of destruction and plunging over 14,000 residents in the state’s southeast into darkness without power.

Published 18-December-2023