Police Identify Man Killed In Greenbank Dog Attack

Photo credit: ValynPi14/Pixabay

Police investigation is currently underway after a man was mauled to death by dogs in a property at Greenbank in Logan.

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The man was identified as Kane Minion, 42 years old, a meter reader for Energex. This was confirmed by a spokesperson from the company.

The incident happened at around 10:47 a.m on 3 December 2022, whilst Minion was reportedly doing his job inspecting electricity meters outside the said property. Officers were called to a property off Ison Road and found Minion unconscious.

Photo credit: Kane Minion/Facebook

Despite the efforts of paramedics, he died at the scene due to the injuries he sustained. 

Homeowners were not around when the incident happened, though the gate flashed a warning sign that reads “Guard dogs on duty. Do not enter.”

Authorities found three dogs on the Greenbank site, including a Rhodesian Ridgeback cross and a Bullmastiff cross, which were already taken by animal control officers from the local council. Reports indicate that the dogs were already euthanized.

Moments after news broke of Minion’s death, social media was inundated with messages of grief and condolences. There were also concerned individuals who gave their two cents regarding keeping certain breeds as guard dogs.

Photo credit: Alexas Fotos/Pexels

“I think it’s time for the Logan Council to review the breeds of dogs it deems acceptable. Not just for metre reader’s safety but the general community. The origins of these breeds may make them great guard dogs but not good neighbours,” one Facebook user commented.

“Dangerous breeds should be banned for sale and forced to be restrained even at home if metre readers or charity door knockers are put at risk. People who want vicious animals are the problem,” another one said.

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Meanwhile, Work Safe Australia, an organisation which aims to reduce workplace harm and improve outcomes for injured workers, will also run a parallel investigation with the police.