Pay It Forward in this Pandemic with Two Butchers

Photo Credit: Two Butchers/Facebook

The coronavirus spread across the globe might bring disheartening news but it’s also highlighting how communities are coming together. If you need a burst of inspiration or good news, then this initiative from Two Butchers is guaranteed to make you smile.

This butcher shop located on Main Street, Springfield Central, recently launched a “Pay It Forward Meat Packs” donation drive, where you can help provide meals for families supported by Westside Community Care. 

Every week, the community care distributes free bread, vegetables, grocery and other essential items to the needy. If you’d like to make their meals more nutritious and filling, Two Butchers came up with two types of meat packs specifically created for this food drive. 

A $30 pack can feed a family for 3 days, while the $65 pack is good for a week-long meat supply. These may only be purchased as vouchers in-store or online for easier distribution.  

Photo Credit: Two Butchers

First Donation

On Aug. 14, Two Butchers completed the first set of meat pack deliveries.

“A heartfelt THANK YOU to all our amazing customers, community and businesses that stepped up and joined forces with Orion and Two Butchers to help make a difference to families in need,” the butchers said in a Facebook post

Photo Credit: Two Butchers/Facebook

“COVID-19 has impacted our community greatly and there are many who are doing it tough. Pastor Phill Cutcliffe and the hardworking volunteers of Westside Community Care are wonderful! We are proud to be part of such an amazing community and proud to support Westside Community Care.” 

But this is not all that you can do to pay it forward. Two Brothers also set up a donation box at the entrance of Coles and Woolworths in the Greater Springfield where you can drop food items like canned goods, noodles, sauces and spreads, or baby food. 

Photo Credit: Two Butchers/Facebook

Who are the Two Butchers?

Two Butchers is an award-winning meat retailing shop owned and managed by Steven McMeniman and Kenneth Kearney. They commit to the highest standard of supplyinh grass fed, antibiotic free and farm fresh meats, as well as support ethical practices in raising farm animals.

For store hours, product availability and news about their donation drive, follow Two Butchers on Facebook.