Plans Lodged for New Springfield Housing Estate for 800 Families

Springfield Lakes New Housing Estate
Photo Credit: Wallpaper Flare

The Ipswich City Council received a proposal to build a Springfield housing estate for over 800 families in a vegetated land south of Camira and east of Brookwater. Covering 167 hectares, the site will be part of Springview Estate and will cover the boundaries along Mur Boulevard, Telopea Way and Panorama Drive, as well as the Woogaroo and Opposum creeks. 

The application (4272/2020/ADP), filed by Cherish Enterprises Pty Ltd on June 2020, seeks to carry out 23 stages of development with 10 to 60 detached houses built per stage, with approximately 821 residential lots. Each of these houses will sit on 250 sqm to 575 sqm lots, which will be properly spaced apart. 

The plan, which is part of Village 2, also includes building local parks and open spaces, as well as road network improvements that will connect the new estate to the current housing development on Panorama Drive (Village 1).  No natural resources and sites of cultural significance in the land area exist, thus the proposed development won’t impact conserved or protected sites. 

Photo Credit: PD Online/Ipswich City Council

A neighbourhood or town centre in this Springfield housing estate is not part of this proposal. The developers’ focus is on building a “safe, attractive and desirable” residential environment.” However, the proposal stated a community centre might be added to Village 3. Detailed planning for Village 3 has yet to be undertaken. 

“The layout of the proposed subdivision has had the benefit of civil engineering, stormwater, ecological, traffic and bushfire input,” the design team Reel Planning stated in the proposal. “In our opinion it strikes a balance between maximising the use of an area that is zoned for residential development, protecting significant natural features and ensuring adequate access to nearby services and facilities.” 

The proposal falls under the Springfield Structure Plan and will not require public notification. Council is currently assessing the development application.