Ipswich Launches Green Street Art Competition for All Ages

Green Street Art
Photo Credit: weinstock/Pixabay

Calling artists of all ages in Ipswich! Here’s your chance to have your work on display for the public to appreciate. Join the Green Walkable Streets art competition. 

Across Ipswich Central, 11 Energex boxes will be painted with unique works of art based on original designs from local creatives as the Ipswich Central Redevelopment Committee launches the Green Walkable Streets Artwork Project

Green Street Art
Photo Credit: Green Walkable Streets Artwork

The project aims to revitalise public spaces with creative artworks that bring out the “vitality into the heart of the city,” per the project’s chairman, Councillor Marnie Doyle.

“Council invites artwork based around the concept of ‘green street art’ with urban art designs that incorporate or reimagine trees, leaves, grass, flowers and flora,” Cr Doyle said.

“Local artists should look to Ipswich’s dozens of native species of flora and fauna for inspiration.

The artists who wish to submit their design ideas have until Wednesday, 18th of January 2023, with a brief description of themselves and their work, as well as how their design incorporates the theme of Green Walkable Streets. They may also choose a particular Energex Box from which their designs will appear if their entry has been picked as one of the 11 creative choices.

Energex Green Street Art
Photo Credit: Green Walkable Streets Artwork

The contest is open to both individuals or groups who may want to collaborate together. Aside from getting their work public, the winning entries will receive a $250 gift card.

Be sure to read the competition guidelines carefully before submission. Winning entries will be judged based on design, artwork statement, and the green theme.