$10-Million Kerb and Channel Program for Ipswich Suburbs to Go Ahead for 3 Years

Kerb and Channel Program
Photo Credit: Google Maps

A $10-million kerb-and-channel program for various Ipswich suburbs will see various infrastructure improvements being rolled out for the next three years.

Ipswich’s kerb and channel program entail providing rain drainage along the kerb, including repair work of existing concrete structures. During construction work, residents may expect the following activities, along with possible driveway modifications, per Council’s plan:

  • Some excavation and demolition works (including some driveways that may need to be modified)
  • Installation of drainage infrastructure (including sub-soil drainage and gully pits)
  • General earthworks to bring back excavations to correct road levels
  • Installation of kerb and channel
  • Installation of existing house stormwater pipes affected by works
  • Like for like reinstatement of existing driveways and footpaths affected by works
  • Installation of new road surface for the affected area
  • Turfing disturbed areas

Councillor Paul Tully said that streets to be added in the kerb and channel program will be determined based on community needs, conceptual design, detailed design, preliminary works, and construction cost. At least 27 roads are on the priority list. 

Kerb and Channel Program
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Construction works have already started along Alice Street in Blackstone and Short Street in Walloon.

After the work on Alice and Short streets in Division 1, which has an allocated $1.87 million in funding, at least 11 more projects in the kerb and channel program will follow across Divisions 2,3 and 4.

Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee Chair Mayor Teresa Harding targets these projects to be activated in the next two financial years. 

“Council has allocated $3 million in the 2022-2023 financial year for kerb and channel works ensuring Ipswich’s established suburbs are not left behind,” Ms Harding said.

“As Ipswich continues to grow at a rapid rate, we want to ensure the city grows together and work on roads, kerb and channel is happening right across the city.”

Meanwhile, roads across the region will also see some more improvements as $31 million has been earmarked for the rehabilitation of 1,710 kilometres of sealed roads and 268 kilometres of gravel roads. More kerb and channel upgrades will be included in this plan, alongside $5.9 million set aside for bridge and culvert works.