Greenbank Resident Deals with 2nd Home Loss in Sudden Storm Deluge

Greenbank sudden storm deluge,

A Greenbank resident woke up to disaster when her home was inundated by 131 mm of rain in a matter of hours. Maria Noutsatos described the deluge as a “tsunami” of floodwater and debris that wreaked havoc on her property, leaving her family stunned and overwhelmed.

A Painful Déjà Vu

On 9 Jan 2024, Ms Noutsatos shared heart-wrenching footage of the catastrophe on her social media, capturing the sheer force of nature that struck her home. The day began with heavy rainfall that quickly escalated into a torrential downpour. As she was preparing to leave for work, Noutsatos heard “loud bangs” and witnessed the overwhelming floodwater surging through her shed and house in Greenbank.

“The water has come through the entire property. It was literally like a tsunami hit it … it has never, ever come through here,” she said in the video. 

Tragically, this is not the first time that Ms Noutsatos and her husband, David Clarkson, have faced such devastation. In 2021, they lost their home due to floods and water inundation from the roof. However, Ms Noutsatos emphasised that the volume of water they witnessed on Tuesday was unlike anything they had previously encountered.

No Time for Rescue

Ms Noutsatos was visibly emotional as she assessed the damage, expressing concern for her pets. As Mr Clarkson attempted to reach the property, he encountered a formidable blockade of gushing water on the main road leading to Greenbank.

The calamity in Greenbank was part of a slow-moving storm system that unleashed intense rain over parts of South East Queensland on Tuesday. Just 10 minutes away from Ms Noutsatos’ residence, Springfield Lakes recorded a staggering 131mm of rain in three hours.

Ms Noutsatos and her husband, who had been living in a caravan since the previous flood, had recently completed building a living area in their shed last month. They expressed their preparedness this time, having undertaken extensive work to enhance drainage and water diversion on their property. However,  Ms Noutsatos remained pragmatic about the road to recovery. 

“We didn’t have contents insurance the first time … insurance told us if they were to rebuild our house, they wouldn’t finish for 18 months to two years,” she said.

Rising Insurance Costs

The harrowing experience in Greenbank mirrors a broader trend of rising insurance costs for disaster-prone areas. Recent reports indicate that some residents in these regions are facing exorbitant premium hikes, with increases as high as 500 per cent compared to the previous year.

Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers weighed in on the issue, urging insurance companies to act responsibly and support disaster victims rather than complicating their already dire circumstances. He emphasised the collective responsibility of governments, corporations, and communities to assist those affected by natural disasters.

Published 10-Jan-2024