The “can you hear me?” phone scam

Like every one else – I read the news.  The “can you hear me?” phone scam has reportedly been prolific in the United States and the United Kingdom since very early in 2017.
Weeks ago I was interested to read that the phone scam had hit Australia’s shores.
I just had lunch with one of the Mackay police station’s Volunteer in Policing who received a “Can you hear me?” phone call at their home number on Monday April 24!!
What do you need to know? Victims receive an unsolicited phone call (business or home number) … after you answer, the scammer will simply say “Can you hear me?” several times.  Most people say “yes”.
The scammer then ends the call. It is believed that the scammer is recording your “yes” response and that this recording is being used to authorise payments or charges – in your name!!! Good luck disputing or contesting the payment or charge

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