Family Adventure Challenge

Family ADVENTURE Challenge The family adventure challenge is open to all comers and is run in
conjunction with the Mountain Designs Adventure Race Australia 18 hour Darkside
and 12 hour Dawn Attack Championships.Teams of two will be issued a map including a number of check points within
Kholo Gardens. Teams must visit the check points on foot and then return to
Race HQ in the fastest time.Check points will include some short, fun adventure challenges which teams
can choose to tackle. These could include anything from paddling to tubing to
mental challenges and maybe even a climb or two. Teams will discover on the day
exactly what awaits them on the course and choose which challenges they wish to
take on. Teams are from 2-4 people.BBQ Food will be on sale and Nature Play Qld will also be running some free
kids activities from their Passport to an Amazing Childhood program.When: Saturday 28 MarchWhere: Kholo Gardens, 243 Riverside Drive,

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