Uncovering a Hazard: Asbestos Found in Springfield School, Greenbank Dog Park

Spring Mountain State School
Photo Credit: Google Maps

A recent asbestos contamination issue from NuGrow’s compromised compost in Ipswich, one of Queensland’s major disposal and recycling entities, has unsettled locals who frequent the Everleigh Dog Park in Greenbank and the Spring Mountain State School community in Springfield.

The discovery has prompted immediate responses from local authorities, leading to the closure of Everleigh Dog Park and the isolation of a recently completed construction site at Spring Mountain State School. 

Although the affected area at the school, lying beneath a layer of mulch, is inaccessible to the public or students, the situation has raised significant concerns.

Proactive Measures and Community Safety

In light of these findings, Queensland’s environmental authority and Workplace Health and Safety Queensland have embarked on a mission to ensure public safety through rigorous testing and containment strategies. Asbestos detection, even in small amounts, has necessitated a “very precautionary approach,” intending to maintain transparency and protect community health.

The impact on Greenbank and Springfield underscores a broader crisis, as Queensland grapples with the fallout of contaminated compost that has also affected areas in New South Wales. 

With 16 businesses and public spaces potentially exposed to the hazardous material, authorities have halted the movement of NuGrow’s soil products and initiated comprehensive testing across the southeast and beyond.

Reflection: A Call for Vigilance

The situation in Greenbank and Springfield is a wake-up call, urging a reevaluation of environmental safety and waste management standards. As investigations continue, the emphasis remains on minimising risk, reinforcing safety protocols, and ensuring such incidents do not recur, protecting Queensland’s communities and their cherished environments.

Photo Credit: Alpha/Flickr

“A proactive audit program of Queensland companies that manufacture and supply landscaping products has detected a small amount of asbestos in a stockpile of soil at a business, NuGrow in Ipswich,” Workplace Health and Safety Queensland issued in a statement.

“Given the low level of contamination found in the test sample, Queensland Health has advised that there is minimal risk to public health and safety at this time.

“The fact that this product is for use outdoors also reduces the risk to public health and safety.”

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