The Costco Buzz In Bundamba: A Catalyst For Economic Growth In Ipswich

Costco in Bundamba
Photo credit: Ipswich City Council

The construction of Costco in Bundamba is now underway and the store is promising to be a big boost to Ipswich in terms of jobs creation and the services it will bring to the community.

Creating Jobs

The store will be the second store in Queensland by the U.S. supermarket giant. Patrick Noone, the CEO of Costco Australia said that the project will require 280 full-time and casual positions once it finally opened to the public. Prior to the construction of the $50-million project, it already created 90 jobs.

Their recent job postings include managerial positions for various departments such as food course, grocery and general merchandise, service deli, and meat.

Other careers up for grabs are cashier, stocker, forklift, front-end assistant, driver, member service, payroll clerk, sales auditor, and many more. To get to know more about the careers available, you can click here.

Meeting The Needs Of The Local Community

Aside from the grocery itself, Costco in Bundamba will also have other employee facilities such as a locker room, showers, amenities, and an office. There will also be a Tyre Centre with a dedicated parking area at the northern part of the building.

The warehouse will also feature a service station with 12 fuel pumps and two high-flow diesel pumps that will be limited to members only. It will be located at the north-west portion of the site.

There will also be a membership office for shoppers to secure a car to be able to shop at the store. There will be two types of membership:

  • Business – $55 (available for business owners)
  • Gold Star – $60 (available for individuals)

The store will be open seven days a week.

The target date of completion will be at the end of this year.