Ipswich Is Set to be Home of Queensland’s New Office for Veterans

As announced by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk in October 2019, Queensland’s new Office for Veterans will be based in Ipswich.

After the extensive lobbying efforts made by Jennifer Howard (Member for Ipswich), the Premier has finally agreed to set up the Office for Veterans in Ipswich.

According to the Premier herself, Ms Howard made clear the advantages of having the office at Ipswich instead of any other regions in Queensland.

“Ipswich is a well-established defence hub and home to Australia’s largest RAAF base and Rheinmetall Defence Australia’s new headquarters, making it an ideal location to lead whole-of-government coordination on veterans’ matters,” the Premier said.

Ms Howard supported the Government’s decision by stating how this move is ideal considering the rapid growth of the region.

“Around 5000 people are employed at Amberley airbase and this will allow greater support for our growing defence community,” Ms Howard said.

Photo credit: https://www.qld.gov.au/

About Queensland Office for Veterans

The Queensland Office for Veterans is the central point of contact and coordination for all policy issues and Queensland Government commitments relating to veterans.

The functions and services of the office include the following: 

  • Provision of policy advice on veterans’ matters
  • Supporting employment of ex-Australian Defence Force members within the Queensland public service
  • Delivering the Queensland Veterans’ Memorial Grants Program
  • Leading whole-of-Government coordination on veterans’ matters
  • Providing a mechanism for veterans’ organisations to communicate with the Queensland Government.

Continuous Support for Queensland Veteran’s Program and Grants

The Palaszczuk Government is pleased with the overwhelming success of the Veterans’ Employment Pathway Program. Ever since this program started in July 2018, a total of 388 veterans have been employed in the Queensland public service, with nine of those positions in Ipswich.

Given its success, the Office for Veterans vows to continue and expand this program even more.

The Office for Veterans will also continue to deliver the Queensland Veterans’ Memorial Grants Program. This program aims to provide funding in order to restore, conserve and create monuments, memorials and other sites that acknowledge the contribution of our veterans.