Moey’s Butcher & Grill: Largest Range of Quality Meat Opens in Springfield Lakes

Did you know that there’s a new butcher shop with an adjacent dining area on Springfield Lakes Boulevard? Moey’s Butcher & Grill is the newest business on the block, opening the butcher section of its operations in mid-April. It will soon launch its grill section as the eatery completes the menu.

Owner Moey Altaaf Sharif has been pleased with the community’s response following the launch of Moey’s butcher. He revealed that the grill will open as they get their meat shop running smoothly.

The butcher has been serving Springfield Lakes locals daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. but once the restaurant starts trading, the meat shop will extend its opening hours to 9:00 p.m. 

Customers have also been asking Moey’s butcher to come up with a delivery system and it’s under consideration. However, Moey said that they would “prefer interacting with our customers face to face so we can recommend the best cuts and have a chat.” 

Moey’s also stocks up on supplies for the 15 variants of Lanes seasonings and rubs. 

“Lanes do not contain any animal products, just pure spices to enhance your meat to the next level!” Moey said. 

The butcher shop sources their products from Australia’s best producers, delivering tender and juicy cuts.

“We only sell the best Beef from Australia’s most exclusive export producers.”

Meanwhile, Moey’s restaurant will be serving burgers (both meat and plant-based), steaks and steak sandwich, wraps and rolls, charcoal-grilled meats and veggies, and an abundance of side orders, including Turkish bread and dips. They’ll also offer Baklava with ice cream for dessert lovers. 

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