Goodna Units Demolished, Making Way for Green Space After Flood Buy-Back

In a significant step towards flood recovery and resilience, demolition has commenced on a unit complex in Goodna, marking the first community title scheme successfully acquired through the Voluntary Home Buy-Back programme.

Resilient Homes Fund Queensland
Photo Credit: Queensland Government

The Mill Street complex, severely affected by the February 2022 floods and deemed at high risk for future inundation, saw all 20 unit owners accept offers under the programme. Finalised in October 2023, this buy-back was part of the $741 million Resilient Homes Fund, a joint initiative by the Australian and Queensland governments established in the wake of the devastating 2021-2022 floods.

The fund prioritises properties most impacted and vulnerable to future flooding. After an assessment and homeowner agreement, Ipswich City Council purchased the Mill Street properties and land.

Flooding in Ipswich

The site will now be cleared, with the land rezoned by the council for appropriate, non-residential purposes, likely to include green space. This transformation reflects a shift towards creating safer, more resilient communities in flood-prone areas.

The demolition is a milestone in the ongoing recovery efforts and demonstrates the commitment of both government levels to assisting residents in high-risk areas. The Resilient Homes Fund continues to provide crucial support to Queenslanders affected by the floods, offering a pathway to rebuild lives and communities in a safer environment.

Published Date 24-May-2024

First Legal Cannabis Cafe in Goodna Stirs Mixed Reactions

A new cannabis cafe that just opened at Queen Street in Goodna is already sparking heated debate among locals. The cafe, run by the company Professional Pot Smoker, bills itself as Australia’s first legal cannabis club and a safe space for medicinal marijuana users.

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With 400 members already signed up, the exclusive Cannabis Club offers a membership-based program giving access to private locations across the country. 

For a monthly fee of $4.20, club members can visit the inaugural Goodna location and other future sites to socialise, learn about cannabis from medical professionals, and attend cannabis-themed events.

Photo credit: Professional Pot Smoker/Facebook 

However, the cafe’s proximity to shops and a primary school has some parents feeling concerned about exposing children to marijuana culture.

Photo credit: Professional Pot Smoker/Facebook 

The founders stated on their website that they opened this club in response to a glaring lack of a safe, welcoming environment where medical marijuana patients can use their medication without discomfort, interact with medical cannabis experts to learn about their treatment, and connect with the larger community of medicinal users to which they belong.

Photo credit: Professional Pot Smoker/Facebook 

“Our newly refined program aims to address this gap and provide a supportive environment for individuals seeking information, professional guidance, and a sense of community within the realm of medical cannabis,” they stated on the website.

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Cannabis has been legally available by prescription in Australia since 2016 to treat conditions like chronic pain, epilepsy, and side effects from cancer treatment. However, social stigma and complicated access rules have meant relatively low patient numbers so far.

As the first of its kind, the Goodna cannabis cafe reflects evolving cultural attitudes toward marijuana’s therapeutic uses. But it also highlights the tensions that can arise as alternative treatments become more mainstream and visible in local communities.

Published 6-May-2024

Fire Investigation Underway at Western Spirit Football Club in Camira

An overnight fire has caused significant damage to the Western Spirit Football Club in Camira and authorities are conducting an investigation amidst allegations that this was the second deliberate act at the club’s grounds. 

The Ipswich Police received an emergency call around midnight of 29 Dec 2023, prompting their immediate response to the Western Spirit Football Club. Upon arrival, they declared the area a crime scene, indicating the severity of the situation. Multiple buildings within the club’s facilities have been ravaged by the blaze, resulting in extensive damage.

One community member shared on social media that they had heard “three loud bangs” just before the facilities went “up in flames.” This recent incident closely follows a similar act in February 2023 when a storage container containing essential equipment such as mowers, line markers, goal nets, and balls was deliberately set on fire.

Whilst the specifics of the blaze’s origins are still being determined by fire investigators, initial findings strongly suggest a deliberate act of arson.

A spokesman for the Western Spirit Football Club expressed their dismay over the incident, revealing that the blaze destroyed the club’s changing rooms and toilet facilities. This loss not only disrupts the club’s operations but also affects its members and the broader community that relies on these amenities.

The financial burden of replacing damaged equipment diverts funds that could otherwise be invested in supporting junior players and reducing fees, directly impacting the club’s ability to serve the community.

The Ipswich police, alongside the football club and the community, are eager to uncover the truth behind these deliberate acts and ensure the safety and vitality of the Western Spirit Football Club for generations to come.

Published 2-Jan-2024

Goodna Street Life: Sustaining Community Support in Challenging Times

Goodna Street Life, established in 2015, has emerged as a key organisation in the community by dedicating itself to providing housing and vital support to the homeless and vulnerable.

At the heart of Goodna Street Life’s mission are facilities like Helen’s Haven at 229 Brisbane Rd Goodna. This centre is not just a place of shelter but also a provider of essential services such as food, counselling, and support.

Additionally, The Haven offers the community affordable breakfast options, with every purchase contributing to the charity’s mission. Chef Kerryn, under Chef Steven’s guidance, ensures that each meal supports Goodna Streetlife’s wider community efforts.

Laurels Place, initiated in January 2022, has played a critical role in the community, especially during the 2022 floods, providing emergency accommodation to over 100 people. This initiative highlights Goodna Streetlife’s commitment to offering immediate help and protection during emergencies.

Addressing the Housing Crisis: A Significant Challenge

However, Queensland’s intensifying housing crisis has put Goodna Street Life at the forefront of a significant struggle. 

Despite their persistent efforts, the charity confronts substantial challenges in keeping their services operational amidst escalating costs, underscoring the critical need for community backing. Richard Glover, a housing support officer, along with his team, are deeply involved in aiding Ipswich’s marginalised residents. 

“I’ve asked my department to continue working with Goodna Street Life to assist them so they are stable, safe and compliant,” Housing Minister Meaghan Scanlon said. “Our frontline housing staff are on hand to assist residents if necessary.” 

Engaging the Community: Upcoming Events

Looking ahead, Goodna Street Life is organising the Helen’s Haven Community Market on 3 Dec 2023. This event promises to bring the community together with a variety of stalls, Mega Op Shop Sales, and extended breakfast hours, contributing to the charity’s fundraising activities.

The narrative of Goodna Street Life is one of relentless dedication and unwavering support for the needy. In these challenging times, the importance of community involvement and assistance becomes ever more evident. The residents of Goodna and surrounding areas are encouraged to support this vital charity, helping to ensure the continuity of these essential services.

Published 23-Nov-2023

Goodna RSL Commemorates Fallen Service Members on Remembrance Day 2023

On Saturday, November 11, 2023, the Goodna RSL Sub Branch will be holding a Remembrance Day service to honour all those who have served and sacrificed for their nation. The service will be held at the Soldier’s Memorial in Goodna, between 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Remembrance Day 2023

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month marks the anniversary of the Armistice that ended the fighting in World War I. Remembrance Day commemorates all military personnel who have given their lives in the line of duty.

The service will include wreath-laying, playing of the Last Post and a minute’s silence at 11:00 a.m. All members of the community are welcome to pay their respects.

After the service, there will be a social gathering at Club Parkview, Woogaroo Road, Goodna.

Remembering the fallen

Brisbane in World War I
Troopship leaving the Pinkenba Wharf in Brisbane during World War I. Photo Credit: Goodstone/Wikimedia Commons

Remembrance Day originated as a memorial for those who served in World War I. Over time, it has expanded to honour all service personnel who have sacrificed their lives in various wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations.

For many, it is a day to remember deceased relatives or friends who served in the military. For others, it is a moment to reflect on the costs of war and the sacrifices that enabled our freedom.

Wherever you are on November 11, take a moment to remember all those who have given their lives in service to their nation. Together, we can ensure their invaluable contributions are never forgotten.

Attend a service, wear a poppy, or observe a minute’s silence at 11am, and help keep the legacy of our service people alive. Lest we forget.

RSL Queensland

Published 8 November 2023

Goodna’s Westside Christian College Acquires Neighbouring Development Site for $2.5 Million

In a strategic move aimed at expansion, Westside Christian College, a multi-denominational Christian school in Goodna, east of Ipswich, has purchased a neighbouring development site for $2.5 million. 

Founded in 1977, Westside Christian College has been providing education from kindergarten to Year 12.  The acquisition of the 1.96-hectare site at 124-128 Alice St will facilitate the college’s growth and development plans, enhancing its educational offerings.

The development site comprises two properties, each featuring homes with historical significance. One of the homes dates back to the 1920s, while the other was constructed in the 1970s. Initially, Westside Christian College intends to retain these properties.

The school’s secondary campus and Kindergarten are situated nearby, reflecting the strategic significance of this acquisition.

Westside Christian College Goodna
Photo Credit: Google Maps

The two-lot site was secured through the efforts of Ray White Special Projects’ Christopher Czernik-Wojcicki and James Hanley. Notably, this transaction marked the first time these properties changed hands on the open market, attracting significant interest from various stakeholders.

According to Mr Czernik-Wojcicki, the campaign generated 83 direct inquiries from a diverse group of potential purchasers, including local investors, private developers, development syndicates, childcare developers, and the neighbouring school, Westside Christian College itself. 

Seven formal written offers were submitted, with the final purchaser ultimately presenting an attractive cash unconditional offer with appealing terms for the vendor. The acquisition comes after the school outbid six other buyers and paid $2.5 million.

Mr Hanley emphasized that this acquisition was a wise move for Westside Christian College. Infill development sites like these are scarcely available in the broader South East Queensland region. He noted that the scarcity of developable land in South East Queensland was driving strong competition for sites with a clear town planning pathway for development in the short term.

Mr Hanley also expressed confidence that the community would welcome the expansion of the school, which would bring benefits to the greater Ipswich region. 

Published 11-Oct-2023

Goodna Charity Builds Sleeping Pods For The Homeless

Hoping to make a difference in the community, charity Goodna Street Life has started building sleeping pods to provide emergency sleeping accommodation for homeless individuals.

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The sleeping pods were placed at the back of Helen’s Haven, a supported tiny homes community development which combines affordable living and the individual supports people need to gain housing independence.

Inspired by Japan’s capsule hotels, there’s a mattress and bed provided, and they come outfitted with USB charger and lights which are all powered by solar.

The sleeping pods provide immediate access to a safe and secure place, free of charge, to get people off the streets and connected with support immediately.

The organisation, which has already built six pods for the initial stage of the project, is aiming to build 30 pods. 

Photo credit: Councillor Nicole Jonic – Ipswich City Council/Facebook

The Japanese-inspired sleeping pods are a big help for those who need them the most, but the group is still hoping these individuals will be given long-term housing.

“We believe everyone has the right to a safe and secure home. When we give people the opportunity and support to build themselves up, they have the best chance to overcome the challenges and obstacles they face,” the organisation stated.

Whilst they can offer help as much as they can, the group only relies on funds through donations, op shop sales, contributions from tenants and services offered by volunteers.

The Complex Causes of Homelessness

Photo credit: Goodna Street Life

Goodna Street Life shared that the leading cause of homelessness is accommodation issues (34 percent), which already covers housing crisis and inadequate or inappropriate dwellings.

The latest figures by the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy revealed the Queensland government has built 326 new social homes in the latest financial year, which is only half from what was built from the 2020-2021 fiscal year, with around 631 homes completed.

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In relation to housing concerns, CHDE released a Strategic Plan for 2022-2026, which highlights their objectives like creating jobs, increasing the supply of social and affordable homes through new investment, and partnering with the community housing sector and private industry.

To see how you can help Goodna Street Life with their project, visit

Environmentalists Challenge Development of Luxe Retirement Eco-Village Abadi Gaia in Goodna

Abadi Gaia, a planned development consisting of a luxe retirement eco-village and aged care facility across five hectares of bushland in Goodna, has been met with strong objections from locals and environmentalists.

PGS Invest Pty Ltd lodged the development application (DA 11756/2021/MCU) with the City of Ipswich for Abadi Gaia, which means “Mother Earth,” in July 2021. Its approval is still under review following a public notification from May to June 2022.  

Billed as the “world’s best-designed eco-retirement village,” Abadi Gaia will comprise 189 independent living units and a dementia facility with 81 beds and 15 special disability units. The facility will also have a hub and piazza precinct with restaurants and community venues, like a gym, sauna, business centre, and library. 

“Abadi Gaia Adult Residential Village is an active resort retirement, aged care & dementia and SDA facility in keeping with, and enhancing the environmental attributes of the site, presenting a quality in design concept and build intended as a hallmark in retirement excellence, offering benefits not only to residents and tenants but also serving the greater community,” the company said. 

Abadi Gaia
Photo Credit: DA/Ipswich CC

However, the location of the residential village is also along a passageway for the endangered koalas. Members of the Bellbird Park Preservation Group said that the development would impact the animals navigating through the bushlands. 

“This site represents a critically important linkage role as part of a Koala Corridor stretching from Ric Nattrass Environmental Park, through to the Church Street Reserve, and further on to the Redbank Rifle Range. These sites are within the Redbank Urban Consolidated Area as defined within ICC’s 2017 Koala Conservation and Habitat Management Plan,” Terry Winston of the preservation group said. 

Abadi Gaia
Photo Credit: DA/Ipswich CC

“The proposed development will have a detrimental impact by restricting the Koala movement trying to navigate through a Corridor that not only runs parallel to the High Voltage Transmission Power Lines, but has a minimal width varying from 45 metres (narrowest) to 51 metres.

“The fact that over 1,700 Non-Juvenile Koala Habitat Trees will be cleared as a result of this proposed development is not justifiable in this set of circumstances.”

However, Adam Slijderink, the head of PGS, believes that the multi-million dollar development will improve the koala habitat as provisions have been included to add more trees in the area. 

Prior to submitting the development application, the PGS team reviewed environmental reports from 2007 to current to know the risks to wildlife. As he understands it, koalas have not been using the corridor for years due to a lack of vegetation, and their project will fix this gap.

Mr Slijderink, a globally recognised builder, is also an environmental specialist, who is dealing with his own health and disability concerns and is expecting his health to deteriorate in the next five years. Thus, he understands the need for such a specialized facility in Ipswich.

The preservation group, however, said that tree replanting will not be enough as endangered species do not have enough time to wait for the trees to grow. They are hoping that the Council will also buy part of the bushland and work with the developer to completely rehabilitate the surrounding. 

New Learning Facilities Delivered to Goodna State Special School

Students at Goodna State Special School are now enjoying some of the new learning facilities completed, so far, in the expansion and renovation projects that started in mid-2020.

At the start of Term 1 2021, Goodna State Special School’s students moved into the new spacious classrooms at the Q Block, whilst the renovation of the A Block for the junior students was nearing completion. 

“Both students and staff have been delighted by their new classroom environments and also the amazing view we now enjoy of Goodna as students sit out on the balconies to eat their lunches,” Principal Fleur Watson wrote in the school community’s newsletter, adding that the parents also like the addition of the dining room at the Q Block. 

The A Block, on the other hand, has “flexible spaces” where various sensory equipment has been set up. The multipurpose area has been designed as a “break out” learning facility, with at least six classrooms. 

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

In mid-February, Goodna State Special School’s sign by the entrance was installed courtesy of the Ipswich City Council. Additionally, the trampolines and new play equipment arrived and were set up by the grassy area of the Q Block. 

Photo Credit: Goodna School Newsletter

Wiley won the project to expand Goodna State Special School into a three-level learning site in late 2019 with the help of KO&Co Architects, and Hammond & Neale Project Management. 

Aside from the new classrooms, sensory learning areas and kitchen, the contractor is also doing more work to improve the facilities, including the new school gym. 

New Medical Centre, Child Care Centre to Rise in Goodna

The Ipswich City Council has approved the application to develop a medical centre,  pharmacy and a cafe, and a child care centre in Goodna.

Designed by WG Architects, the development will sit on a 6,478sqm land at 41, 41A and 43 Queen Street in Goodna. The two-storey multi-purpose complex will house two complementary services: a Medical Centre and a Child Care Centre.

Site location Photo Credit: 2019 Ipswich City Council /

On the ground level will be a medical centre to be comprised of health related tenancies including a pharmacy which will have a total gross floor area of 1,300sqm, as well as an associated cafe with an area of 100sqm. 

Ground Floor Plan |  Photo Credit: 2019 Ipswich City Council /

A child care centre will be located on Level 1 with an indoor area of 945sqm and an outdoor area of 805sqm.

Level 1 Floor Plan | Photo Credit: 2019 Ipswich City Council /

“The proposed development allows for the erection of a contemporary styled complex for the offers health services with ancillary café and pharmacy and a child care services comprising of 2,345sqm of gross floor area. The proposal will provide significant community benefit at a highly accessible location, being the provision of valuable services to the locality,” the Planning Initiatives Assessment Report says.

Photo Credit: 2019 Ipswich City Council /

“The proposed uses of a medical centre and child care centre offer specialised services which will not challenge the primary centres in the surrounding area nor compete with the existing commercial uses. Conversely the proposal will provide additional community services in the form of health and child care that will support the locality and community.”

Photo Credit: 2019 Ipswich City Council /

The developer proposed access to the site from Queens Street with car parking at the street level and at an above ground parking located at the upper level. A total of 107 vehicles including 5 PWD and 1 Ambulance bay will be accommodated.