Springfield Launch: Veterinarians Lead World-First Program to Tackle Climate Change

A coalition of veterinarians has made a groundbreaking move by launching the world’s first Climate Care Program in Springfield. The program empowers vet practices in Australia to care for pets while taking tangible action against climate change, reducing their carbon footprint and waste.

The Climate Care Program, the world’s first sustainability initiative designed specifically for veterinary practices, officially launches on the 8th of May 2024 at the Greater Springfield Veterinary Practice on Commercial Drive.

Guiding Practices to Sustainability

The program has demonstrated impressive results at 20 sites nationwide during its pilot phase. 

Melbourne vet Dr Jeremy Watson saved over $6,000 annually by switching off gas and installing solar panels at his Brimbank clinic. He also upgraded to energy-efficient appliances and reduced water usage. Meanwhile, Greater Springfield Veterinary Practice reduced its waste by 37%.

“The Climate Care Program offers a comprehensive digital toolkit and educational course, structured in six modules to help practices become more sustainable,” Springfield’s  Dr Jeannet Kessels said. “This self-paced program was developed by veterinary professionals, researchers, and educators to provide step-by-step support in reducing energy consumption, waste, and water usage. This ensures that even the busiest clinics can maintain their sustainability goals.”

Adopting environmentally friendly practices benefits the environment and recruits staff. Dr Watson has noticed a trend among young professionals, with recent hires citing the clinic’s environmental credentials as a key factor in their decision to join the team. 

The program’s impact has extended beyond Australia, attracting international attention, as highlighted by Vets for Climate Action Chair Dr. Jeannet Kessels, who recently presented the initiative at the World Veterinary Association conference in South Africa.

About Vets for Climate Action

Vets for Climate Action represents a coalition of veterinary professionals and animal lovers advocating for urgent action on climate change. Their goal is to promote sustainability in veterinary care, foster awareness, and advocate for impactful policies that recognize the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health.

Published 7-May-2024