Massive Road Project Enhances Connectivity in Springfield Central

Springfield Central
Photo Credit: IpswichCityCouncil

The expansion of Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial is significantly enhancing the daily commutes of more than 20,000 residents and visitors in Springfield Central, ensuring smoother traffic flow and safer travel. 

This multi-stage initiative prioritises the needs of a rapidly growing population while navigating the challenges of preserving sensitive ecological areas and accommodating the area’s bustling activity.

Completed Stage 1

The $85-million Stage 1 of the project, completed in late 2023, has already delivered significant improvements to the local road network. This phase saw the widening of Springfield Parkway from Hymba Yumba Independent School to Centenary Highway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial from Springfield Parkway to Eden Station Drive, transforming them into four-lane thoroughfares. 

Other key enhancements included:

  • Upgrading the Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial roundabout to a signalised intersection will facilitate pedestrian movements and provide a U-turn facility.
  • Constructing dedicated two-metre cycle lanes in both directions.
  • Installing a three-metre-wide shared pathway for pedestrians and cyclists. 
  • Erecting a retaining wall near the Escarpment estate on Springfield Parkway.
  • Duplicating the bridge over Opossum Creek.

The new lanes on Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial are already managing over 20,000 vehicles per weekday, significantly improving traffic flow and safety for the growing Springfield community.

Stage 2: Design Phase

With Stage 1 complete, the focus shifts to Stage 2, which is currently in the design phase. This stage will encompass the following:

  • Widening Springfield Parkway from Topaz Road to just north of Hymba Yumba Independent School, duplicating it from two to four lanes.
  • Upgrading the roundabout at Springfield Parkway/Topaz Road/Woodcrest Way to a signalised intersection.
  • Widening and line-marking the Springfield College Drive and Bridgewater Road approaches to the roundabout on Springfield Parkway to allow for two lanes of traffic.
  • Constructing dedicated two-metre cycle lanes in both directions.
  • Installing a three-metre-wide shared pathway for pedestrians and cyclists.

Early works for Stage 2 commenced in December 2023 with a 3.6m trench extension beside Hymba Yumba Independent School. Constructing effective stormwater drainage networks whilst maintaining the current system during Queensland’s storm season has been a significant challenge. 

The project team is committed to ensuring the highest-quality innovative network is constructed across the project and adjacent to the school whilst preserving sensitive ecological areas.

Once the culvert works are complete, Stage 2 will commence in 2024-2025, including the duplication of Springfield Parkway from Topaz Road, connecting to Stage 1 just past the Bridgewater Road roundabout.

Stage 3: Under Construction

Stage 3 of the project is already underway, focusing on the following:

  • Widening Springfield Greenbank Arterial from Eden Station Drive to Sinnathamby Boulevard to include a total of four lanes.
  • Upgrading the roundabout at Springfield Greenbank Arterial/Main Street/Centenary Highway Exit 32 off-ramp to a signalised intersection.
  • Creating new entry and exit points at the existing Springfield Central train station carpark.
  • Constructing dedicated two-metre cycle lanes in both directions.
  • Installing shared pathways for pedestrians and cyclists.

Significant rainfall and storm activity over the past few months have impacted vegetation and landscaping along Stage 3, including the flooding of Mountain Creek. The team is working to restore damaged plants and maintain weeding and mowing within the construction corridor. Despite the weather challenges, crews have progressed with electrical work, stormwater drainage networks, and new Park’n’Ride entry pavements.

Sustainability has been a key focus for the team, utilising existing materials and implementing innovative environmental controls. Core logs were used in the bottom of the rock barrier to minimise silt washing onto the pavement and into drainage and waterways, a key environmental management feature across Stage 3.

Springfield Central
Photos Credit: IpswichCityCouncil

Constructing in a busy activity centre with major shopping, business, education, and public transport facilities has presented numerous challenges, especially considering the high volume of people passing through Stage 3 daily.

In parallel with Stage 3, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has commenced works to reconfigure and reopen the Queensland Rail carpark east of Springfield Central station. The carpark, located at the southern end of the Brisbane Lions facility, will remain closed during construction activities. Weather and construction conditions permitting, work is expected to be complete by mid-2024.

The works required to reopen the carpark include installing new asphalt, concreting edging, new lighting, and line marking. TMR has engaged BMD Construction, the same contractor undertaking Stage 3, for this project. When reopened, the eastern carpark will complement the existing parking facilities within the Springfield Central train station precinct, including the multi-storey park ‘n’ ride facility opened in April 2022.

Published 7-May-2024