Here’s What You Need to Know About Uber Pets Trial in Brisbane

Want to take your fur baby for a ride but can’t do so because you don’t have a car? Travelling with pets will be a whole lot easier this time with the launch of Uber Pets across Brisbane.

Presently, the feature is in trial stage as the ridesharing company is testing the market before rolling it out nationally. It will be launched as a permanent option if riders and drivers like it. 

“This new product gives riders peace of mind that their much-loved companions will be welcomed along for a comfortable and reliable ride. Not only is it a win for pet owners, Uber Pet also provides drivers who stay opted in to pick up furry friends with another opportunity to earn more,” Uber said.

The trial, which started on 10 March 2020, will also be offered in Sydney. Here’s what we know about Uber Pets in Brisbane so far:

  • Any domesticated animal is welcome for a ride, but it’s subject to the driver’s discretion when they book a ride through their app
  • It will be available in the Uber app as a separate product
  • It will attract a $6-7 surcharge (rates will vary by market).
  • Riders should control their pet while on the trip, hence, Uber strongly encourages the use of a leash or harness. Otherwise, all other animals must be contained in an enclosed pet carrier.

Take note that this feature will not replace Uber’s existing service animal policy. If you have a service animal, you can continue using their regular Uber option. You can get further updates about this new product through Uber’s website or Facebook page.

Update regarding coronavirus: Uber encourages the public to stay home. If you must travel, wash your hands before and after a ride, cover your mouth and nose if you sneeze, and sit in the back to give your driver space. Should you need to buy food or treats for your pet, consider buying through Coles via Uber Eats.