Taco Bell to Debut in Ipswich By Replacing Sizzler

Taco Bell

Mexican food giant Taco Bell will open its first restaurant in Ipswich City, at Sizzler’s former location in the area. 

This news comes after the Ipswich City Council approved Collins Restaurants’ development application for fast food premises and advertising devices at 70 Brisbane Road, East Ipswich.

Based on approved plans, the new restaurant will be a single-storey building with drive-through for 12 cars queuing. The drive-through and signage will be located on the south eastern portion of the site.

Taco Bell’s Ipswich location will have a total of 250 sqm gross floor area, with 58 sqm dedicated for outdoor dining. It will also have 50 on-site car parking spaces.

Although this is good news for fans of burritos and quesadillas, it is disappointing news for Sizzler regulars. Sizzler spent more than three decades in the area and was the go-to place for people looking for an all-you-can-eat buffet.

This is not the first time a Taco Bell restaurant will replace a space once occupied by Sizzler. In 2017, they made their anticipated return to Australia by operating at site of Sizzler in Annerley.

There is no exact date when the Ipswich location will open but once up and running, Collins Restaurants is planning to operate 24 hours seven days a week if customer demand warrants it.

What seems very likely is that this isn’t going to be the last because Collins Restaurant announced in 2018 that they are planning to have a major expansion for Taco Bell in Australia, with more than 50 locations to roll out over the next three years.