A Synthetic Track in Springfield Highly Supported By The Local Community, Ipswich City Council Isn’t Saying No

Photo credit: Sports and Safety Surfaces

Calls for a synthetic track to be built in Springfield have caught the attention of the local community and the Ipswich City Council.

Coach Stacey Taurima of Athletics Australia expressed his frustration over the lack of a sports facility for the Springfield team in the area. Although there is a facility in Nathan that they use, Coach Taurima said its availability is limited, which is why building a synthetic track in Springfield seems to be the best solution.

The Springfield community seems to agree with Mr Taurima as well, having expressed interest in having their own facility attached to a university campus or a part of a development. On the other hand, the council is open to this possibility but they haven’t yet identified an appropriate site for it. There are also plenty of considerations that must be taken into account, to build such a facility.

Building a facility like this requires millions and conditions must be thoroughly assessed before the council gives the go-signal. That said, it would take some time before a synthetic track is built in Springfield. Still, having one will definitely meet the needs of the local Ipswich community.