Springfield’s Colonel Michael Batiste Leads ANZAC Day Ceremony from Overseas

Springfield ANZAC Day Dawn Service

Last year, longtime-Springfield resident Colonel Michael Batiste emceed the 2016 ANZAC Day Dawn Service at the foot of the Springfield Light Tower memorial. This year, he will reportedly be leading the same service straight from his Afghanistan base.

For 27 years, Colonel Batiste had served under the Royal Australian Ordinance Corps. In 2010, he left the corps so he could manage a supply chain although still serving in the Army Reserve. Just recently, he got called back to active service in Afghanistan. Nevertheless, being out of the country and away from home does not stop him from performing a significant role for Springfield’s ANZAC Day ceremony.

According to Damian Gillett, president of the Springfield Light Tower Association, Colonel Batiste’s video from Afghanistan will be streamed on a big screen at the 5:15 a.m. dawn service in Greater Springfield’s Robelle Domain Parklands. Thousands are expected to join the ceremony and pay their respects to the brave World War heroes.

Mr Gillet said that Colonel Batiste’s overseas address during the ceremony “will bring everything” that they “remember and give thanks for on ANZAC DAY closer to home.” Mr Gillet served under the 6RAR for almost a decade. He left the military to raise a family.

Last year’s dawn service was purportedly expected to take approximately 30 minutes followed with a gunfire breakfast in the Orion Hotel. About 4,000 people, more or less, arrived before the Springfield Light Tower. Countless poppies were placed at the memorial at that time.

For this year’s ANZAC Day dawn service, possible attendees are encouraged by the association to “bring floral tributes” once again. After the service, everyone is invited at the Orion Hotel for the gunfire breakfast and the traditional game of Two-Up, which will commence at 1:00 p.m.

Photo Credit: ANZAC 2016 Dawn Service from Springfield Light Tower/Facebook