Springfield Lakes Park Re-opens with Sturdier Ping Pong Table

The Edge Park in Springfield Lakes has re-opened to the public, with Councillor Sheila Ireland leading the event.

The introduction of a new ping pong facility was the top highlight of the re-launch. The old table was destroyed by some vandals about one year ago. The vandals removed and took away the legs of the old ping pong table. “We have replaced the old table and have put in a much heavier one this time,” Cr Ireland said.

Cr Ireland believes that the re-launch of Edge Park is a positive development for the community as there are many schools around the area. The park, located on Park Edge Drive, is designed for older children around 10 years old and above. There are not that many parks in the area catering to older children, so the playground is considered a great asset for the community.

It was a bad time for the playground when the old table tennis table was destroyed. Residents Marion Smith and Robert Chapman approached Cr Ireland for assistance in replacing and upgrading the facility.

The ping pong facility complements the half court, recreational pathways, open kick around area and picnic facilities of the park.