Springfield Lakes Contributes Significantly to Ipswich as Queensland’s Fastest Growing City

Photo credit: https://social.usq.edu.au


Springfield Lakes has been named as one of the growth hotspots in Ipswich, based on a list given by the Ipswich City Council. Also in the list are:

  • Redbank Plains
  • Bellbird Park
  • South Ripley
  • Leichhardt

Now enjoying a Renaissance of sorts, the city of Ipswich is on the rise and its suburbs give evidence to the growth of its population. Ipswich is called a two-headed city and is now rising from the ashes following the decline of traditional mining and rail industries. The city is now Queensland’s fastest growing city. Just before Christmas last year, the population ballooned over 200,000 and is continuously rising almost as twice as quickly as Greater Brisbane.

One of the factors driving the rapid population growth is that there are major building projects as well as affordable housing options that attract residents. Springfield Lakes and the other listed suburbs are becoming even more popular with young families, first home buyers and investors as people look for quality infrastructure and affordable housing.

From 30 June to 30 September, Ipswich has shown a population increase of 197,656 from 196,026. This has also shown an increase in the total number of dwellings across the city that shows a rise from 71,276 to 71,970, according to the latest Planning and Development Quarterly Activity Report.

Springfield Lakes sees plenty of developments such as the Orion Swimming lagoon, the expansion of the Orion Springfield Central including Coles, Target, Event Cinemas and specialty Retailers. There is also a development for senior living units by the Aveo Group as the retirement facilities in Queensland is booming. Allied health facilities are also opening.

There is also the R&F Properties development that aims to build 10,000 apartments, retail and office space.

It is estimated that by 2036, the city will be as big as a Gold Coast today with nearly half a million people. A predicted 130,000 residents will live in Greater Springfield.