Revel in the Festival Parade of Light in Ipswich

Marching Band with giant lanterns
Photo credit: Ipswich City Council / Facebook

The annual Ipswich Festival is fast approaching so the air is abuzz with preparations for the much-awaited Festival Parade of Light on Saturday, 13th April 2019, at Brisbane Street.

Although the entire festival run has been shortened from two weeks to just four fun-filled days, popular events like the Parade of Light will still take place.

Festival Parade of Light
Photo credit: Ipswich Festival / Facebook

The parade has become a tradition that families, friends and neighbours look forward to each year as an opportunity to show off and celebrate the Queensland people and culture in a fun, colourful lighting display.

It never fails to dazzle people of all ages with its vibrant spectacle of marching bands, brightly lit floats, giant lanterns, effigies, roving entertainers, dance performances, and street theatre.

This year’s parade is presented by The Queensland Times and Ti Tree Bioenergy. It will take to the streets with the theme “Our Backyard”.

For many Queenslanders, the backyard is the place where you hang out with family and friends to relax. In the old days, it used to contain chickens, woodheap and a vegetable patch. Nowadays, it can have a swimming pool, playground equipment or a covered entertainment area. Whatever you put in your backyard then and now, no one knows your backyard more than you do.

An Aussie backyard
Photo credit: Discover Ipswich / Facebook
Ipswich landmark
Photo credit: Ipswich City Council / Facebook

Following the success of last year’s parade, people expect this year’s parade to be as electrifying, magical and fantastic despite the condensed format of the festival.

The Festival Parade of Lights is a must-not-miss for locals and visitors, so mark your calendars and prepare to be dazzled.

The parade will run through the main streets of Ipswich CBD from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.

For information on road closures, click here.