New Pet Deck Application at Orion Springfield Central Under Scrutiny By Locals

Photo credit: Mirvac

While the planned on-site off-leash dog park is still underway at Orion Springfield Central, the shopping centre is showing more love to animals as they submitted a new development application for a pet-friendly dining deck.

The application has received several feedback from locals. Residents expressed their views on The Springfield News Facebook page. Some are not keen on the application as they fear that the dogs might hurt people whilst others are concerned about the smell. On the other hand, there are also a lot of people who have expressed enthusiasm over the application.

Photo credit: The Springfield News / Facebook

The deck will be an extension of the existing food court at the shopping centre. Detailed plans to develop a new structure for the deck have been submitted for approval. Plans will ensure that it will only have a minimal impact on the turtle pond landscape.

Photo credit: Ipswich City Council

A spokeswoman for the shopping centre said that although animals will be welcome at the centre, there will be certain restricted areas. Also, dogs must always be under the close supervision of their owners and leashed at all times unless in the off-leash dog park. There will be dog services and facilities available in the area.

The shopping centre also assures that dog areas in the centre will be clearly marked.

Along with a new pet deck, the new application also includes seating pods, lounges, cabanas and other pet-friendly areas. The new dog park, which is currently under construction is at the top of Main Street, is set to open in early 2018.