New DA Submitted For New Shopping Centre and Neighbourhood Centre in Springfield Lakes

Photo credit: Ipwsich City Council

Plans for the development of the Springfield Lakes South Neighbourhood Centre, composed of a shopping centre, car wash, child care centre, and a service station on Grande Ave and Springfield Greenbank Arterial have been submitted to the Ipswich City Council by the Coles Group Property Development Ltd.

The shopping centre will have its own supermarket, restaurants, retail shops, and a child care centre. There is a separate application for a service station and car wash to be built on the same site.

The development will be broken down into two stages:

First stage – Supermarket, child care centre, retail areas
Second stage – service station, car wash, 74 car parking spaces, two fast food shops

Springfield Lakes has been rapidly developing commercially. In January of this year, work began on the $2.5-M expansion of the Spring Lake Metro Shopping Centre which is expected to bring more retail outlets to the locals.

Much of the expansion has been brought on by the shortage of retail and service facilities within the area. The property company that is in-charge of the expansion has ambitious plans over the next few years aside from the expansion. According to them, the upgrade of the shopping centre is just the beginning as they are looking for more medical, services, retail and other facilities to bring to the centre.

The expansion is set to be completed by the end of 2018.