New Building With Childcare Centre, Commercial Spaces Proposed For Brisbane Street Ipswich

Brisbane Street
Artist’s impression of proposed mixed-use building at Brisbane Street in Ipswich (Photo credit: Sparc Architects)

Plans for a four-storey building have been submitted for Brisbane Street, Ipswich to accommodate a new childcare centre along with several commercial establishments.

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The highlight of the mixed-use building, to be located at 7 Milford Street and 3-5 Limestone Street and 2 Brisbane Street, Ipswich is the childcare centre with spaces for 100 children. 

The 797 sqm childcare centre will feature an outdoor play area and will be located on the ground floor, in conjunction with the cafe/lobby component to create activation of the street. 

Photo credit: Sparc Architects

Designed by Sparc Architects, the building will feature a subtropical design and will include public art to the corner. 

“This building has a commercial role to play, and it has been designed with a practical eye that also utilises the design principles of scale, context, presence, articulation, rhythm, order, and consideration of the sub-tropical design ethos that defines Southeast Queensland architecture. It creates a building that suitably reinforces its landmark contex,” designers at Sparc Architects said.

The rest of the 2,997 sqm property will be used for business purposes or as commercial offices. A medical centre and educational establishment uses have been added to the proposal to allow for flexible uses within Levels 1 and 2 in the future.

Photo credit: Sparc Architects

The two driveway locations along Limestone and Milford Street will be kept as part of the development. The site itself is currently vacant and does not contain any buildings or structures.

The applicant is also seeking to establish an undercroft car parking that can accommodate 63 cars, three motor bikes and five bicycles. Access to the building will be via Limestone and Milfors Streets.

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For more details about the development application, see the City of Ipswich application enquiry with the application number 7576/2022/MCU.