Music to Feel Better? Singing Surgeon Soothes Mater Private Hospital Springfield Patients

Mater Private Hospital Springfield
Photo Credit: Supplied

Dr Geoff Muduioa of Mater Private Hospital Springfield goes about this workday checking on patients as a breast and endocrine surgeon but everyone looks forward to his daily rounds because he brings something even better — music and songs that put a smile in the staff and soothe his patients. 

Dr Muduioa, who is originally from the Solomon Islands, has earned the nickname the “singing surgeon” at Mater Hospital because he loves to sing to his patients to keep them calm prior to their surgery. 

“I have always loved music. There’s always music playing in the theatre when I’m operating,” the doctor said. 

“Growing up in the Pacific Islands, singing is part of the culture. We sing all the time, even from a very young age.”

Dr Muduioa admitted his singing is not pitch-perfect, but said his patients recovering from breast, thyroid, and general surgical procedures appreciated his enthusiasm.

“It does not matter if we sing out of key, what matters is the joy we experience and the joy the song brings to my patients,” he said.

His choice of tunes has united his colleagues, who also sing along and out loud with Dr Muduioa. 

Gavin Daniell, from Wynnum Manly, was nervous about his hernia operation but Dr Muduioa’s became the highlight of his day.

Daniell was also impacted by the recent flooding in Brisbane and his experience and consults with the singing surgeon helped take his mind off things at home.

“All the patients just love it,” Mater Private Hospital Springfield theatre floor coordinator Sue Richardson said.

“They laugh and even request songs. He definitely gives it his all and he’s passionate about how he delivers it.

“You know when Dr Geoff is operating in the theatre as you can hear the reggae music playing. It’s a really good vibe.”