Middle Park Couple Celebrates 50 Years of Genuine Love and Marriage Bliss

Parkers 50th Anniversary Middle Park QLD
Photo credit: Featured image from The Satellite

“When I first saw her I thought she was very lovely and very friendly,” said David Parker, reminiscing the time he first met his wife, Bernadette. Flash forward to the present and this couple from Middle Park will now be celebrating their 50th anniversary on 27 May. It is not everyday that one gets to witness a love so strong that it has remained true and everlasting from Day One up to many years later.

The Parkers’ 50 years of genuine love and marriage bliss reportedly started with “a trip to the drive-in movie theatre.” At that time, none of them knew how that single encounter could change both of their lives forever – in a wonderful way. They eventually got married on 27 May, 1967 at Newmarket’s St Ambrose Church.

Mr Parker is proud to say that they owe their blissful marriage to their undying patience, worthwhile sacrifices, and unrelenting respect for each other. Like any other normal couple though, they, too, had their series of ups and downs. However, their strong love and commitment for their family never made them give up on one another, not even once. They hope to inspire other families with their story.

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