Ipswich City Council Announces New and More Holistic Sport and Recreation Achievement Grant Program

Photo Credit: Ipswich City Council / ipswich.qld.gov.au

The Sports Excellence Bursary program has been replaced by a more holistic program — Sport and Recreation Achievement Grant program — beginning 1 May 2019, the Ipswich City Council announced.

The Sport and Recreation Achievement Grant will still provide financial support to eligible athletes representing Queensland or Australia at an eligible sporting event. Likewise, umpires and referees attending eligible events are also going to get the same level of support under the program.

The new program aims to support more number of sport and recreation organisations in Ipswich, however, it comes with an updated eligibility criteria.

Timeframe and funding range

Although applications are open all year round, applications should be lodged within three months before or after the event that the athlete, umpire, or referee is attending.

The funds are granted to eligible applicants to assist with the travel and event related costs of attending the specified sporting event:

  • Athletes selected to represent Queensland – $200
  • Athletes selected to represent Australia – $300
Ipswich City of Sport Video Credit: Ipswich City Council TV / YouTube

Applicants are encouraged to read the Sport and Recreation Achievement Grant Guidelines prior to applying.

The following documentation will be required:

  • Written confirmation of the applicants selection to participate in an eligible National or International competition as an athlete, umpire or referee on the letterhead of the recognised governing body.
  • Proof of residency

The Sport and Recreation Achievement Grant Online Application Form is available here. You may also call (07) 3810 6666, for assistance.