Greater Springfield Part of Foodora’s 2018 Project

Photo credit: EXBERLINER

Food is within your reach in Greater Springfield, which will delight the culinary souls out there. Foodora might be coming to town!

According to Foodora, the Greater Springfield area is part of their priorities this year. News of the potential project has delighted many restaurant owners because this could help them widen their reach and better cater to people who doesn’t have the time to eat out.

Other food deliveries UberEats and DeliveRoo haven’t shown interest yet in the area and it is only Foodora for now that sees an opportunity in the Greater Springfield area. For UberEats, the area does not have enough restaurants for them to consider providing their services yet, whilst DeliveRoo has kept mum about the possibility.

Foodora is being used in 22 countries and caters to over 36,000 restaurants all over the world.

For residents of the Greater Springfield area the likes of Journey’s Kitchen arriving at your doorstep no longer seems like a far-fetched notion now.