Fun Free Pizza Party Organized by ON-Q In Ipswich

fun pizza
Photo credit: Fae/Wikimedia Commons

ON-Q Disability Support Services will hold a Fun Free Pizza Party on Wednesday, 13th February from 11:30am to 1:30pm at 66 East Street for members of the community in Ipswich.

Founded in 1988, ON-Q is a not for profit organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged people find meaningful employment. The organization is one of Australia’s leading providers of disability employment services.

ON-Q Disability Services
Photo credit: ON-Q Disability Employment Support Services/Facebook

The Disability Employment Services was designed by the Australian government to help people with disabilities overcome the negative stereotypes and misconceptions that prevent them from being recognised for the valuable workers they are. It aims to assist eligible people with a disability, injury or health condition to obtain individually tailored employment services.

Whether people want to return to the workforce after an injury or health condition, or overcome a barrier to employment, ON-Q offers personalised support to find a job or undertake further training. For over 30 years, they have helped hundreds of people with disabilities realise their full potential and empowered them to find jobs they love.

Tailored employment services
Photo credit: ON-Q Disability Employment Support Services/Facebook

ON-Q believes that there is a significant opportunity for employers who choose a different approach to recruitment. By hiring a person with a disability, many of Australia’s employers are already making a difference – to the lives of their staff and to their local communities.

Supporting ON-Q means helping place more people with disabilities into decent, lasting jobs across a wider footprint in Australia.

fun pizza party
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So come along, have fun, and get to know the members of the ON-Q Ipswich community on their Fun Free Pizza Party in Ipswich. There will also be cold drinks, treats and activities for the kids along with great prizes and giveaways.

See you there.