Enjoy the Horse Track for a Cause at Ipswich Turf Club For The Second Annual Glen Stower Memorial Race Day

Photo credit: Ipswich Turf Club / Facebook


Sisters Holly and Becky Stower are once again encouraging locals to join their fundraiser in support of Cancer Council Queensland, the second annual Glen Stower Memorial Race Day which will take place on the 15th of December at the Ipswich Turf Club. The event will run from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and is their way honouring the memory of their father who lost his 10-month battle with lung cancer in 2015.

Becky Gifford, Dad Glen Stower, and Holly Stower. Taken in 2014, on their last Father’s Day together. (Photo supplied)


Glen’s Story, in Holly’s Words

A 2014 visit to his GP for removal of sunspots, and a casual mention of a chronic cough that he had, led to the eventual diagnosis of Stage 4 lung cancer for Glen Stower.

“Our dad was a much loved poppy, partner, uncle, mate and colleague. At the time of his diagnosis he was only 55 years old, with countless hopes, plans and dreams for the future that he never had the opportunity to realise. He battled cancer with courage, grace and an unfaltering will to live.”

“When the results were finally delivered, our worst fears were confirmed – Stage 4 lung cancer. The disease had already spread to his spine and ribs and there were no “active” treatment options. Suddenly, at age 55 dad was dying. He was given a prognosis of 9 – 12 months.”

After suffering the loss of his physical independence as the disease spread, courageously going through palliative chemotherapy, and braving the painful spread of cancer to his bones, Glen Stower died peacefully at home in May 2015, 10 months after he was first diagnosed.


A Tribute to Dad

From their family’s shared experience, Holly and Becky felt that it would be a fitting tribute and memorial to their Dad’s battle with cancer to put up a fundraiser in his name.

“Sadly we know that dad’s story is not the only one of its kind. As a result of this terrible disease, many people will suffer as he did and many families will experience the same helplessness and grief that we have,” Holly said.

They also felt that it would be beneficial to other families who are going through or have gone through the same experience with their loved ones.

“Becky and I created the annual Glen Stower Memorial Race Day fundraiser, not only as a legacy for dad but also because we’d like to think that in some small way we might be able to bring hope to other families affected by cancer.”

“The Cancer Council Queensland is focused on providing all Queenslanders with the best possible prospects of preventing, detecting, effectively treating and surviving a cancer diagnosis. Ultimately any money we raise will contribute to their work in cancer research, support services for patients and their families and cancer prevention and early detection programs. We really hope that one day a cancer diagnosis won’t have to be a death sentence, as it was for our dad,” Holly added.


Event Details

Participation in the event will cost $85 inclusive of entry, a race book, 3-course sit down lunch, 5-hour beverage package and trackside views of live horse racing. There will also be raffles held throughout the day with tickets priced at $5 each.

Local businesses are also encouraged to take part in this event to purchase race sponsorship packages for $450, which includes two tickets to the event and naming rights to the race.

Last year, their fundraising event has reached over $7,000. Hopes are high that this year’s event will solid support, as well. To date, donations have amounted to over $8,000 of the $12,000 goal.

For more details, click here. To donate funds, click here. For other enquiries, email Holly Stower.