‘Call-in’ Announced For World-Class Wanless Recycling Park In Ipswich

Photo credit: Wanless

Waste management company Wanless will be given an opportunity to demonstrate more about its proposed world-class resource recovery and recycling facility at Ebenezer in Ipswich, after a ‘call-in’ for the project was announced.

This comes after the proposed landfill at Wanless Recycling Park, part of the controversial $50-million development proposal at Ebenezer, was nixed.

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Calling in the project, according to Deputy Premier & Minister for Planning Steven Miles, will allow the state to do an assessment of Wanless Recycling Park and its ability to support Queensland’s waste reduction and recycling objectives.

Proposed Wanless Recycling Park structure plan (Photo credit: Wanless)

“The call in process will require Wanless to demonstrate that its facility will support the state’s goal of reducing waste to landfill and increasing reuse and recycling, and that the project can only be economically viable if all elements of the facility are approved,” said Mr Miles

Some of the things that will be considered during the proposed call in include:

  • Council of Mayors SEQ Waste Management Plan 2021
  • Finalisation of the review of the waste levy
  • Ipswich City Council’s request for a temporary local planning instrument (TLPI)

To ensure that the transport infrastructure in the area will be suitable for the recycling park, planning work for the Amberley Intersection upgrades is also currently underway. 

Interested parties can make representations regarding the proposed call in until 21 December 2021. Submissions can be made by emailing ministerial.callin@dsdilgp.qld.gov.au

About the Wanless Recycling Park

Photo credit: Wanless

Located 12 km southwest of Ipswich CBD, the Wanless recycling park is a proposed resource recovery and recycling precinct at Ebenezer. Dubbed as a world-class resource recovery facility, the proposed park aims to address emerging issues in the South East Queensland (SEQ) waste industry.

The company’s vision is to transform the degraded site into a productive precinct that generates employment and training opportunities for the local community. The project takes inspiration from Sydney Recycling Park, where around 80% of waste is diverted from landfill.

Sydney Recycling Park is a fully comprehensive recycling facility where recoverable materials are screened, processed, treated and recovered for re-use locally. The facility processes up to 220,000 tonnes of waste per annum.

Wanless Recycling Park will accept waste from businesses and areas where it knows it can recover the most recyclable material. This will include household, commercial and industrial, and demolition and construction waste. The integrated facility will also include a landfill element for residual waste.