A Psychic Tent is Popping Up at the Orion Central Shopping Centre in Springfield Lakes

Photo Credit: Pennies Bazaar Psychic Tent

The stars have aligned and opened a chance for you to know what’s in the cards for 2020 as a tent featuring psychic mediums, tarot card readers and healers will be popping up at the Orion Central Shopping Centre in Springfield Lakes on Sunday, the 17th of Nov. 2019.

Five professionals in the psychic field will be at the Pennies Bazaar Psychic Tent from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for consultations about your future for your amusement. Aside from tarot card reading, they also do palm reading, angel card reading, pendulum interpretations, personal energy clearing, and psychic intuitive one-on-one sessions. 

Photo Credit: Pennies Bazaar Psychic Tent/Facebook

Teresa has been a professional tarot reader, palmist and psychic since 1991. She can provide insights and guidance about relationships, money, career and wellbeing.

Brett is from the International Psychics Association who can connect with spirits and have proven his psychic reading accuracy for years as a preferred guest for psychic interpretations on television.

Natasha of Old Sea Hag Tarot is a regular at Brisbane Night Markets and interstate mind, body and spirit events. She has helped numerous clients find clarity in solving their problems. 

Morticia is a psychic intuitive who provides spiritual guidance through tarot and the pendulum. She is also a lightworker who advocates for positive living. 

Debbie has been a medium for over 30 years. She is a tarot card interpreter and a clairsentient who can provide healing. 

Photo Credit: Pennies Bazaar Psychic Tent/Facebook

Spot the purple tent at the pop-up venue next to other new-age retailers and artisans, as well as heaps of food stalls of the Orion Central Shopping Centre. You may also pre-book your appointment for Saturday via their Facebook page.