6-Month Closure of Exit 32 Set to Transform Springfield Greenbank Arterial

Exit 32 Springfield Greenbank Arterial
Photo Credit: Google Maps

A significant six-month closure of Exit 32 off-ramp, which connects the Centenary Motorway southbound to the Springfield Greenbank Arterial (SGA), will soon be in effect as part of a transformative upgrade project.

Starting 8:00 p.m. on 21 Aug 2023, Exit 32 will not be accessible to all traffic for up to six months. During this period, motorists are advised to follow the designated detour route via the Centenary Motorway Exit 33 off-ramp and to factor in additional travel time when planning their journeys.

The existing two-lane off-ramp is being expanded into a four-lane configuration, accompanied by the conversion of the current roundabout into a major intersection. These changes are expected to streamline traffic flow and enhance connectivity for motorists.

Exit 32 Springfield Greenbank Arterial
Photo Credit: Department Of Transport & Main Roads

This decision, aimed at expediting construction, improving safety, and reducing disturbances during the process, marks a crucial phase in the ongoing development of the region’s transportation infrastructure. Whilst the closure may bring inconveniences, the long-term benefits of an upgraded off-ramp and intersection are anticipated to outweigh the temporary challenges. 

Local residents and businesses in the vicinity of the construction zone are advised to expect increased noise and dust levels as a result of the ongoing works. Despite these effects, the Ipswich City Council remains committed to the project’s positive impact on the local transportation network and the overall community.

The Ipswich community is encouraged to stay updated on the project’s developments, adhere to traffic control measures, and observe guidance provided by signage and traffic controllers for a smooth and safe commute.

Managed by the Ipswich City Council in partnership with Transport and Main Roads Queensland, the project has received $6.5 million in funding from the Queensland Government. 

Jordan MP Charis Mullen expressed her satisfaction with the advancement of the project. The transformed intersection is poised to provide more efficient access for drivers traveling in various directions along the SGA, and will facilitate safer crossings to Main Street and the Orion shopping center.

For further information and inquiries regarding the construction project, concerned individuals can contact the Ipswich City Council Project Team via email at capitalprojects@ipswich.qld.gov.au or by phone at 07 3810 6666, available from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. 

Published 16-Aug-2023