Forensic imaging presentation on the criminal ‘Underworld’

The Workshops Rail Museum ‘Underworld’ Exhibition (September 15 2018 – February 24 2019)
Are you fascinated by the world of forensic photography?
Are you curious about Australia’s crime history?
On November 3, Sergeant Owyn Butters and Technical Officer Talitha Carter from the QPS Photographic Section will give a presentation on forensic imaging at the Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich.
In this family-friendly interactive presentation, they will explain the role and processes of forensic imaging in policing, from mugshots to virtual reality, including how police work with witnesses to identify suspects and how juries visualise a crime scene.
This event forms part of the ‘Underworld’ exhibition (September 15, 2018 – February 24, 2019), showcasing a collection of more than 130 mugshots from the Sydney archives of criminal suspects in the 1920s.
These images, known as the ‘Specials’, give a unique insight into the face of the criminal underworld in the Roaring 20s.
This year also marks the 125th

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