Karana Downs Police get active the kids

Officers from Karana Downs Police station were up early this morning to walk to school with staff, students and parents from Brassall State Primary School.
The event is supported by Ipswich City Council with free coffee and hot chocolate provided.
Police, staff and students ready to embark on the morning walk to school
Two groups of students set off at 8:00am to travel to school.
One group left from Denman Park with a second group leaving from Suttons Park with a great turn out at both locations.
Two Police Officers also travelled with each group and to encourage a healthy lifestyle and interact with the students.
Ipswich Councillor Cheryl Bromage also attended to see the students off from Suttons Park with Deputy Principal Peter Woods leading the way in his “Buzz” outfit.

Students are encouraged develop the knowledge skills and behaviours whilst obeying the road rules and learning the correct behaviours associated with being a pedestrian, cyclist

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