Are you wearing your seatbelt? Speak up for Road Safety

Police continue to promote road safety across the Ipswich Police District, with a message each day focusing on one of the Fatal Five; Wednesday was Seatbealts, ChildĀ restraints and Distractions.

On too many occasions emergency services have been confronted at a trauma incident with the consequences of drivers and passengers not wearing seatbelts as well as the affects of using a mobile phone or being distracted during driving.
Wearing a seatbelt significantly improves your chances of surviving a crash.
While wearing a seatbelt or restraint does not prevent a crash, it certainly can affect the outcome for individuals if they were involved in a traffic incident.
Wearing a properly adjusted restraint reduces the risk of fatal or serious injury by 50%.
To ensure that you have chosen correct child restraints for your loved ones, the guidelines can be located by clicking here.
For 2017 (April statistics) 20% of fatalities were of unrestrained vehicle occupants (data from DTMR

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