LGBTI officers say it gets better

These officers come from different stations, units and commands from around the state. They are mothers, fathers, partners, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, colleagues and friends. They are police officers. They are LGBTI. They are proud.
Together they are part of the statewide QPS LGBTI Liaison Program, providing a professional, non-discriminatory, accessible policing service to members of the LGBTI communities.
Each of them have had their struggles. Each of them are now happy, something they once only ever dreamed about.
Today is Wear It Purple Day. Today is about making sure rainbow people feel safe. Today is about instilling pride within them.
These officers each have messages of advice and encouragement for the LGBTI community.
Listen to their stories and reach out if you need help.
It gets better. Download Video
For more information about the LGBTI Liaison Program visit here. 
Help and support is also available at Headspace.

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