It’s Seniors Week and seniors are getting road safe

The Ipswich District Crime Prevention unit is promoting both Seniors and Road Safety this week, whilst they attend many community events across the Ipswich District.
One such event was the Create Connect Expo at the North Ipswich Reserve, a joint venture between Ipswich City Council and U3A and West Moreton.
Ipswich Crime Prevention provided both Senior Week and Queensland Road Safety Week information to the Ipswich community focusing on drink and drug driving.

Though a few questions were focused on merging and how best to go through a round-a-bout, the most popular was, ‘when is it best to hand in ‘my’ licence?’
If you are over 75-years-old you must hold a current medical certificate, the certificate lasts for one year.  You must carry the certificate whilst driving at all times.
How age affects your driving:

Processing information

For medical conditions you must report any long term or permanent medial conditions which are likely to affect your driving.

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