Ipswich Station weekly wrap, August 22

Wharf St, Ipswich
It will be alleged that on August 14 at approximately 12.30pm, the suspect was sitting with two friends and the victim was sitting in another area talking on the phone. The suspect took offence to her loudness and shooshed her. The suspect’s friend then made a joke and the suspect laughed. The victim shooshed the suspect. The suspect stood up and walked over to the victim yelling and pointing at her. The victim put her arms up to defend herself. The suspect grabbed the victims hands and held on whilst yelling at her. Investigations are continuing.
Brisbane St, Ipswich
It will be alleged that on August 16 between 12.30pm and 1pm, the victim has driven the offender to the offence location and parked in the car park. The victim had been having trouble with the offender and was trying to get her a new placement. The victim and offender have

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