A Break From the City: Coffee Baa in Springfield

Locals already know that visitors who take the 35-minute drive from Brisbane to Springfield won’t regret it, once they’ve had a good cup of coffee at the Coffee Baa. In fact, even to locals, Coffee Baa is one of Springfield Lakes’ best-kept secrets.

It’s the perfect break from the city – a cup of coffee amidst great views of the lake and the cafe’s relaxed ambiance are likely to melt all the stress away.

Shades of yellows and blacks provide a stimulating visual counterpoint to the blissfully relaxing fresh air and natural surrounding. Ample outdoor seating is available and in great demand, weather-permitting. One can also stay indoors to where the cozy comfort of the warm interior provides an excellent venue for long, lazy conversations.

Photo credit: Weekend Notes

Coffee Baa serves all-day breakfast, with classics like Eggs Benedict and some good ‘ol waffles. Hearty appetite? The Baa Breakfast, big in both size and taste, is the order of the day then.

Photo credit: The Coffee Baa / Instagram

Lunch is also available from 11:30 a.m. onwards. Try the Baa Beef Burger paired with a delicious milkshake.

Photo credit: The Coffee Baa / Instagram

Muffins, cakes and eclairs are just some of the treats available which may be very difficult to resist!

Photo credit: The Coffee Baa / Instagram

Go the extra mile and try their Extreme Milkshakes! Choose from chocolate infusion, caramel addiction, strawberry fields and much more. These milkshakes are not only delicious but they also are worth every cent.

Coffee Baa welcomes children. There are board games and other games available to keep kids entertained.

Pets are welcome too.